DARE activities RA III (S-America)

Status per 5 December 2012

- Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Uruguay are developing data rescue activities;
- Equator and Uruguay are manually recovering data,  
but Equator and Brazil are using  data automatic digitalization mode,
- Peru did not inform the data rescue option to support this kind of activities
- Brazil has almost 5,000,000 documents were cleaned, classified and part of them were scanned ;
- Ecuador has 1,450,000 documents were rescued manually;
- Uruguay informed that only data from 3 meteorological stations from the last 10 years were manually recovered,
- Peru - unknow
- Brazil is using the support of the private sector ;
- Ecuador has developed a solution to use scanners, but did not have budget and people to do it. Ecuador asked for technical and finantial support;
- Uruguay had contracted an ONG to do it, but the results were no so good, because the eople was not well prepared,
- Peru - unknow

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