France semaphore and lighthouse meteorological data rescue 1879-1930

Background of the project : National action of preserving and inventorying climate archives at Météo-France

Actions : Inventorying and  imaging of 23 boxes  stored at the National Archives (Archives nationales) in Fontainebleau containing meteorological data  from 1879 to 1930 made by semaphores watchmen and lighthouses keepers on the French coast. Digitising of subdaily data (pressure, temperature, windand humidity).

Status in September 2018:

16 Long series of monthly reports containing daily and subdaily data have been inventored and imaged :  Ajaccio 1891-1916, Arcachon 1891-1916, Biarritz 1890-1916, Bonifacio 1891-1916, Cap Béar 1891-1916, Cap Corse 1891-1916, Cap Fréhel 1892-1916, Granville 1921-1923, Ile-de-Bréhat 1891-1920, L'Ile d'Yeu 1891-1920, Les Mathes 1891-1916,   Prefailles 1890-1920,  La Hague 1891-1916, Penmarch 1891-1916,  Saint-Denis Oléron 1891-1920, Sauzon 1894-1930,



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Inventorying, imaging and digitising meteorological data if they are not available in the French climate data base

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Surface pressure
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