French Polynesia Data Rescue

Background of the project : National action of preserving and inventorying climate archives at Météo-France since 2015. Few subdaily data for French Polynesia in the national database before 1965.


Arranging, preserving and inventorying of climate archives of French Polynesia stored at the Météo-France's regional center in Tahiti (French Polynesia) have been carried betwwen 2015 and 2017:  252 linear meters of boxes of climate archives and 2307 lines in the Inventory file.

2015-2017: Imaging of daily weather logbooks  and monthly climate summaries have been done for 19 stations (outside dates : 1935-1980).

2017: Digitising of subdaily data (pressure, temperature and cloud cover)  have been carried out for 3 stations Rairua, Rapa and Rikitea 

2018 : Digitising of subdaily data (pressure, temperature, wind and cloud cover) and daily temperature and precipitation have been carried out for 5 stations:  Faaa 1953-1957 ;  Hiva-Oa 1939-1960 ;  Reao 1954-1970 ;  Uturoa 1945-1980 and Papeete 1854-1921

Digitisation of subdaily data will be continued in the next two years for the 2 remaining stations Takaroa 1951-1960 and Arutua 1952-1960.


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