Irish climate stations 1855 to 1960 data rescue

Met Eireann library holds the registers of Irish Meteorological Data from 1855-1960. This consists of 224 bound volumes, 128 folders, c. 353 folios. The data was read daily, with between one and four observations per day depending on f the station. We have started imaging Phoenix Park data and to data have 18 years scanned with another 12 years in the process of being scanned. In collaboration with the Central Statistic Office we are just about to start data entry of all parameters. 

A PhD student, NUI, Galway, Ireland has rescued maximum and minimum temperature from a number of these stations and hope to publish this data in the next year.

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As well as temperature, precipitation, wind and pressure, all elements including sunshine, relative humidity, dew point, visibility, cloud type and amount, a general description of the weather on the day and beaufort letters will be entered

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Data imaging, data entry into csv template. Data checks and a year of data will be double entered to ascertain the accuracy of the data using only single entry and checks

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