Météo-France Climate archives in France

Météo-France, as National Meteorological Service, is responsible for preserving the memory of the French climate. Météo-France's Climate Archives  hold paper meteorological records collected by the French national meteorlogical services since 1878. 

Météo-France's Climate Archives are estimated at 7,5 linear kilometers. These archives are stored at 90 locations in France mainland and overseas territories (French Guyana, French Polynesia, French West Indies, New-Caledonia,  Reunion Island, Saint-Pierre Miquelon)

This data covers all the French territories from 1800.  Records include  terrestrial and upper air data.

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Other institutions also keep historical climate data, such as archive institutions (i.e. National, Territorial, Departmental, and local archives), scientific institution archives , local and national libraries, Defence Historical Service, ...

For example, French National Archives houses 2 linear kilometers of physical meteorological records for the period 1800-1970 in Fontainebleau near Paris. This data covers France and former French colonies in Africaand includes terrestrial, marine and upper air. These records have been deposited from the French National Meteorological Service.



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