Tools & Technology used for DARE

Brochure for the Vanguard Scanner used by Bureau of Meteorology  scanning historical records.
FileRenamer: computer software to rename the imaged files from a camera generated name to a name that reflects the content of the image file and to archive multiple files into directories on a PC (minimal cost for an annual license).
Strip Chart Digitization
Weather Wizards, a digitization program developed for IEDRO for chart digitization.
Weather Wizards video clip, an explanation of the IEDRO strip chart digitization program.

Optical Character Recognition, free online:
The pdftools package allows for extracting text and metadata from pdf files in R.

Reading and converting obsolete data
  - (audio, video, film media)
  - Peer Hechler, WMO; e-mail: (magnetic tapes, old diskettes)

R-Climdex: routines for computation of extreme climate indices
  - R-Climdex used by ETCDDI (Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices)
  - R-Climdex used by PCIC (Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium)