The International Data Rescue (I-DARE) Portal

This International Data Rescue (I-DARE) Portal provides a single point of entry for information on the status of past and present worldwide to be rescued data and data rescue projects, on best methods and technologies involved in data rescue, and on metadata for data that need to be rescued. 

How to use the I-DARE portal? See the Quick Start Guide.


Data & Projects

Importance of DARE

Data Rescue is the ongoing process of preserving all data at risk of being lost due to deterioration of the medium, and digitizing current and past data into computer compatible form for easy access. Most countries have conscientiously taken observations of the weather, put them on paper forms and transcribed them into some form of computer media for easy access and analysis.

Vision of I-DARE Portal

The I-DARE Portal is envisioned as a global centre of excellence in recovering climate heritage and making it available in the state of art and digital format for research, applications and climate services.

Click on the markers on the map for more information. Red markers correspond to projects that ask for budget or technical assistence. WMO disclaimer