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The National Meteorological Service (NMS) has kept records of meteorological observations since the 19th century. However, most of the records prior to 1956 still remain on paper or microfiche. For particular requirements, daily data of extreme temperatures, rainfall and heliophany have been digitized since 1931 but the meteorological notebooks were not scanned for digital access. In order to identify, prioritize and quantify the data rescue activities of the longest series held by the NMS, a survey was conducted of the metadata available in the monographs, the information from the latest survey and the data available in the database. An inventory is being carried out of the documentation available from the stations in the archive, whether on paper, strips, meteorological records books, meteorological books or microfiche, in order to capture the physical document with specific Scanners, index the information extracted from the document and store the document and the associated information for a later search.

General objective:

To create a meteorological database in digital format of approximately 100 years based on the extracted of paper like, strips, books of meteorological records and meteorological notebooks, besides microfiches.

Specific objectives:

- Update Argentina's meteorological database.

 To be able to make statistics of the stations for which little digitized data was available.


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