French settlements in India 1876-1931


Objectives of the project: inventorying of hardcopy climate archives from the French

Settlementsin India,   stored at the French National Archives and imaging  original

meteorological logbooks.

The French Settlements in India (Les Établissements français dans l'Inde) was a French

colony comprising geographically separate enclaves on the Indian subcontinent before


The French establishments included Pondichéry, Karikal,  Yanaon on

the Coromandel Coast, Mahé on the Malabar Coast and Chandernagor in Bengal.

Regular subdaily meteorological observations started in Pondichéry in the

mid-19th century. At the end of the 19th, French pharmacists or

doctors made regular observations  in  the health services of the five French

settlements  Pondichéry, Karikal, Mahé, Yanaon and Chandernagor.


Status in Mars 2020

An electronic inventory of the material has been developed (see joint file Inventory_Clim_FRAN_French-India-Settlement_1876-1931.xls).

Parameters available on the original sources are listed.

Imaging of original sources have been performed: 11416 images

Météo-France can provide the images but did not forecast to digitize the data








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